Midwest Research Group/St. Charles Psychiatric Associates is conducting four (4) clinical trials of medications for adults, age 18 and older, who are diagnosed with depression.

  • Study #1 is for adults who continue to have depressive symptoms even after trying at least one antidepressant medication. All participants are guaranteed to receive an open-label, approved antidepressant medication. An add-on medication will be provided with the goal of decreasing depressive symptoms and increasing energy levels.
  • Study #2 is for adults with treatment-resistant depression, meaning they have tried several different medications and “nothing seems to work.” This study only lasts three weeks and includes coming into the office three times a week.
  • Study #3 focuses on people with treatment resistant depression who either are taking an antidepressant medication or not. It is a novel medication thought to combat depression in a different way than conventional medications.
  • Study #4 is for adults that are stable on an antidepressant and things are going well. It requires participants to complete surveys about their depression and complete tasks that measure cognition. This study requires 3-5 study visits and pays $75 each time.

Participants in this study will receive study medication or placebo, physician consultation, travel expenses and compensation for their time. No insurance required.

Please visit MidwestResearchGroup.com or call 636-946-8032 and speak with Nicole or text 636-486-1930 and complete a short form.

Midwest Research Group     4801 Weldon Spring Parkway #300     St. Charles, MO 63304