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The purpose of the program is to ensure that each individual’s needs and payment obligations are met on a timely basis.

Rep Payee manages Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Disability Income (SSDI) benefits for individuals who have been instructed by the Social Security Administration to obtain an institutional payee or who have difficulty managing these funds on their own.

How Will The Rep Payee Program Meet My Needs?

A team member from the Rep Payee Program works with each participant to help him/her build a monthly budget that meets his/her day-to-day needs for food, shelter, utility payments and transportation. Then, available funds can be used for medical or personal needs, past creditors and recreational expenses. If funds are still available at the end of the month, a personal savings plan will be strongly encouraged and developed. As your Rep Payee, we will keep record of benefit checks received and how the money is spent on a monthly basis. SSI/SSDI checks will be directly deposited into the Rep Payee collective bank account. Each individual account balance is kept confidential and is only accessible to the client and those individuals approved by the client.

How Will I Benefit From This Program?

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Basic needs will be met from month-to-month


Limited access to available funds so they can be spent wisely


Decreased stress, anxiety and frustration about money

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Reduced evictions

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Increased communication between service providers, agencies and landlords

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Improved accountability to self and others

Is There A Fee For This Service?

Yes. A fee of $52 per month OR 10% if recipient's monthly income is less than $530.00, will be charged. If, for any reason, monthly benefits are not received from Social Security, no fee will be assessed until that income is received by MHA-EM.

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Important Messages from MHA-EM:

We recommend you have a case worker before asking MHA-EM to be your payee.

For more information, call the Representative Payee Program at 314-773-6752.

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