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Proudly started by our national office in 1949, May is officially known as Mental Health Month. This year, in our community, we are Shining a Light on Mental Health to:

  • Raise awareness about the stigma surrounding mental health conditions

  • Informing our community about our programs

  • Providing individuals and businesses with a vehicle to create change for those living with mental health conditions

As we join together in this movement, remember that together we will create change. Together, we will revitalize our approach to mental health support and do better for those living with mental health conditions and create a path forward with prevention for future generations. To do this, we are going to use our voices and ask you to use your voice.

Ways to get involved this May!

Green Portrait
Wear Green

Thursday, May 18th is Wear Green for Make It OK Day.  Show your support by wearing your favorite green shirt, pants or other apparel! 

Give STL Day Celebrating 10 Years_Stacked Color.png

May 10th we celebrate 10 years of Give STL Day. Give STL Day brings the region together as one community, raising money and awareness for over one thousand local nonprofits!

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Light It Green

Light up your office or house green for the month.  Buildings all over the country including St. Louis University will be joining again this year!



We are currently participating in the myWalgreens donation program.  You can donate your myWalgreens cash rewards to MHA-EM through the end of May!

Ballpark Village.jpg

Ballpark Village

Join us at Ballpark Village May 16th before the Cardinals game to raise awareness for Mental Health! 

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Sign up for our new monthly newsletter The Ringer and stay up to date on everything we are doing

here at MHA-EM!

Why we Shine A Light

In a city that widely feels the daily effects of injustices such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of systemic oppression, it can be extremely difficult to end each day without feeling defeated. Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri also knows that what you scroll past on social media or hear on the news may not be directly in your neighborhood, but it is someone else's real life experience.


Someone near you or even perhaps you yourself, will face a heavier mental health burden as a result of the circumstances taking place in your community. We know that around half of all people in the U.S. will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their lives and here in Missouri, 23.1% of adults are living with a mental illness. That's 828,000 people - making it critical for all of us to do our part.

1 in 5

1 in 5 Missouri Adults has a Mental Illness


65.3% of Missouri Youth with a Major Depressive Episode did not receive Mental Health Services


Nearly 50% of Missouri's children experienced at least one Adverse Chidhood Experience, 27% have experienced at least two

Make a gift today and support programs that Shine A Light on mental health all year long!

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