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Group therapy

Wellness is fundamental to living our best lives. Living a life that is fulfilled requires being intentional about the many aspects of our entire well-being.  This involves taking steps to ensure a balanced approach to our minds and bodies through nutrition, mindfulness, exercise, sleep, capacity for leisure time and experiencing positive emotions, spirituality and purpose in life. This sounds easy enough in theory, until life gets in the way!

We live in challenging times and we are stressed in many different ways. More people feel alone and disconnected while trying to meet both personal and professional obligations. Many are looking for education and support in order to adapt to our changing world. We’re here to help.

Take The Time™ is a wellness program that provides the resources and tools you need to:

  • Support people in your life without depleting yourself

  • Prioritize what matters

  • Feel more connected to what is most important in your life


MHA-EM’s Wellness Seminars are perfect for employees and/or clients at agencies, companies, civic organizations, schools, and more. We offer a variety of seminars to meet diverse needs including burnout, compassion fatigue, stress, resilience and emotional intelligence. Delivered in-person or virtually, Wellness Seminars are a great way to encourage your team members to prioritize their own mental health.

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