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Here is some important information to note before registering for the SWP:

  • The student will be confidentially called out of class to take the screening tool on their Chromebook, typically in a group setting with other registered students.

  • Students 17 years old or younger must be registered by their legal guardian.

  • Students 18 years old or older must register themselves.

  • Please notify your student that you have signed them up for the SWP, so they are not surprised when they are called out of class to participate.


Students will complete a questionnaire about their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, including symptoms of depression and anxiety, suicidal thinking and behavior, attention-related concerns and disruptive behavior, and use of drugs and alcohol. All screening results will be kept confidential, stored separately from academic records, and not shared with your student’s teachers, counselors, or administrators without your permission. The only limit to this confidentiality is if it is determined there is an immediate safety risk to your students or others, in which case information necessary to secure safety will be disclosed.

Student Registration Information

Program Enrollment Information

Please choose the school your student currently attends:

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